"Daniel (grandson) & Cooper (great-grandson) Mellette, Dad/Grandpa Zeller & Bob Mellette (son-in-law)"
Tom Decker (son-in-law) & Dad Zeller
Bob Zeller( age 6) with his Uncle Will (and raccoons) on the farm in Millersburg
Debbie (daughter) age 2 brings Dad Zeller his shoes
Bob & Debbie with Mom & Dad Zeller in Hawaii (Sept 2006)
Bob Zeller ( age 4) with Elijah Logsdon (his grandfather)
"Medieval Times, Grandpa/Great-grandpa ( Bob Zeller) with Cameron, (great-granson) Shelby (grandson) Gloria, Megan & Shara O'Dell"
"Maclane (grandson), Jennifer (daughter), Dad/ Grandpa Zeller, Logan (grandson), Mia and Doug Matsuoka (son-in-law)"
Dad and Mom Zeller with Ralph Kropp
"Dad & Mom Zeller (wedding 8/8/1953), Alice (maid of honor) & Richard (best man) Dawson and Debbie (2 yrs old)"
"Honeymoon, Niagra Falls"
"Honeymoon, Niagra Falls"
Mom & Dad Zeller were DePaul University's “Kissing Couple”
"Photo Booth at Zeena & Matt's wedding: Dad Zeller, Bob Mellette & Doug Matsuoka (son-in-laws), Debbie & Jennie (daughters)"
"American Legion Poppy Sales 2013 Bill Bickley center back row, Bob Zeller front row"
Dad Zeller and Debbie (daughter)
"Dad and Mom Zeller, Debbie (daughter), Missie (daughter), Bobby (son) and Jennie (daughter)"
"Turtle Back Zoo in New Jersey - Jennie and Missie (daughters) on turtle, Debbie (daughter) holding Bobby (son)"
Dad Zeller with his mother (Stella)
"Dad Zeller with his dad, Howard Zeller holding Bobby (son)"
Debbie & Susan
Patrick Mason (grandson), Susan (daughter), Dad Zeller, Tyler & Evan Mason (great-grandsons)
Jennie, Debbie, Missie (daughters), Mom & Dad Zeller and Bobby (son)
Mom Zeller with Grandma Stella Zeller, Debbie Jennie & Missie (1959)
Alice Dawson and Alice Zeller (Mom)
Bob Zeller (Dad) and Richard Dawson
"Missie's graduation, Dad Zeller, Missie and Mom Zeller"
"(grandchildren) Carolyn Mellette, Krissy Doerner and Logan Matsuoka"
Grandpa Zeller with Carolyn Mellette (granddaughter)
Grandpa Zeller and Zoe (granddaughter) build a snowman
Dad Zeller and Bobby (son)
"Dad and Mom Zeller, Grandma Alice Matthews, Daniel & Carolyn"
Debbie and Dad Zeller (Bob & Debbie's wedding 8/26/1972)
"Dad Zeller with his grandparents, Elijah and Laura Logsdon"
"Dad Zeller with his parents, Howard & Stella Zeller and his grandparents, Elijah & Laura Logsdon"
"Dad Zeller with his Mom, Stella"
Dad Zeller with his parents Stella and Howard
1201 Greenwood Drive – this is what the house looked like when we moved there in 1967
Dad Zeller with Tom Decker (son-in-law)
"Put In Bay Ohio – back row – Mom Zeller, Debbie (daughter) & Bob (son-in-law), front row – Bobby (son), Dad Zeller and his niece Amber Conlan"
"Susan (daughter), Jennie (daughter), Dad Zeller and Debbie (daughter)"
log cabin that Dad Zeller helped build on the farm (Dad was tasked with figuring out how many logs they needed to fell)
"Dad Zeller with Debbie, Susan and Jennie (daughters)"
Bob Zeller (age 1 ½) with his grandparents Laura and Elijah Logsdon
"Debbie (daughter), Dad Zeller and Susan (daughter)"
"Mom & Dad Zeller, Missie, Jennie and Debbie (daughters)"
Mom and Dad's 50th Wedding Anniversary
"Octoberfest, an annual event "
"Grandpa Zeller ,Kristina Doerner (granddaughter) and Grandma Zeller"
"Shelby (grandson) & Shara O'Dell, Mom Zeller, Melissa (daughter), Krissy & Dana (granddaughters) and Dad Zeller"
"Mom Zeller, Logan (grandson), Jennie Matsuoka (daughter) and Doug Matsuoka (son-in-law)"
Grandpa Zeller and Zara (granddaughter)
"Bill Bickley, Bob Robertson, Herbie Fox and Bob Zeller (superbowl party)"
"Dad Zeller with his Mom, Stella"
"Grandpa Zeller, Carolyn (granddaughter) and Grandma Zeller"
"Mom Zeller, Susan (daughter) and Dad Zeller"
"Dad Zeller, Bobby (son) and Richard Dawson (Dad's best friend)"
“The Chicken” Dad Zeller's favorite Dance
and there you have it “a full head of hair”
"Mazatlan – (left) Mom & Dad Zeller, (far right) Linda & Bob Zeller (son)"
Maclane (grandson) with Grandpa Zeller & Grandma Zeller 5/20/2007
Bob Zeller with Niece Amber Conlan
Kristina (granddaughter) and Grandpa Zeller
"Hilda Magge, Mom & Dad Zeller, Mary Jane Robertson, Harry Magge, Jackie and Will Aberle"
"Dad/Grandpa Zeller, Krissy & Dana (granddaughters) and Melissa (daughter)"
"Michele (Ashley's friend), Ashley (granddaughter) and Jennie (daughter)"
Mom & Dad Zeller with Ruth & Rudy Stang (Mom Zeller's 1st Cousins)
"back row – Debbie & Missie (daughters), Bobby (son), Zoe, & Zeena (granddaughters), front row – Jasmine & Krissy Guidi (granddaughters), Mom Zeller, Dana (granddaughter), Dad Zeller, John Guidi and Zara (granddaughter)"
Melissa Schleicher (daughter)
Logan (grandson) with Grandpa Zeller
Bob Mellette (son-in-law) takes Dad Zeller for a helicopter ride
Grandpa Zeller and Daniel Mellette (grandson) -both all tuckered out
"Mom Zeller, Missie (daughter) w/Daniel (grandson) and Jennie (daughter)"
Grandpa & Grandma Zeller with Zoe (granddaughter)
"Dad's Mom, Stella and Dad "
Dad Zeller getting ready to ski in Vail Colorado
"Grandma (Alice Zeller), Krissy & Dana (granddaughters) with Grandpa (Bob Zeller)"
Rick Barten and Bob Zeller
Dad/Grandpa Zeller with Zoe (granddaughter)
Dad Zeller with his Mother Stella
"Grandma (Alice Zeller), Zoe (granddaughter), Grandpa Zeller, Aunt Jennie holding Zeena (granddaughter) and Aunt Debbie"
Stella Zeller (Bob Zeller's mother) with Dad & Mom
"Zara (granddaughter,) Jennie (daughter), Jasmine (granddaughter,) Shelby (grandson) & Bobby (son)"
Bobby with Dad Zeller
"Mom Zeller, Debbie (daughter) and Dad Zeller"
Susan (daughter) & Dad Zeller
"Grandpa Zeller, Kristina (granddaughter) & John Guidi and Grandma Zeller"
Kristina (granddaughter) walking down the aisle with Grandpa Zeller
Krissy and Grandpa Zeller dancing
"Ralph Kropp,Jackie Aberle, Mom and Dad Zelelr"
Grandma and Grandpa Zeller with Logan Matsuoka (grandson)
Grandpa Zeller with Isabella Mason (great-granddaughter)
Grandpa Zeller and Carolyn Mellette (granddaughter)
Grandpa Zeller with Isabella Mason (great-granddaughter)
Grandpa Zeller with Zoe Zeller (granddaughter)
Grandpa Zeller with Mariella Mason (great-grandaughter)
Daniel Mellette (grandson) and Zoe Zeller (granddaughter)
"Logan Matsuoka, Zoe Zeller, Dana Schleicher and Zeena Zeller (grandchildren)"
"Jasmine (granddaughter), Grandma Zeller, Zeena (granddaughter) and Bobby (son)"
"back of Jennie's head, Jasmine & Bobby, Dad & Mom Zeller, Shelby & Shara O'Dell"
"Jasmine Zeller, Krissy Doerner, Zoe and Zeena Zeller (granddaughters)"
Mom and Dad Zeller on the deck of Noah's Ark in Estes Park Colorado
Jennie (daughter) and Dad Zeller
"Barbara Wagner, Dad Zeller, Jackie Aberle and Mom Zeller"
"Grandpa/Great-Grandpa Zeller, Shara, Shelby (grandson) and Cameron (great-grandson)"
Dad Zeller walking Susan (daughter) down the aisle
Gloria and Dad Zeller take a flight in Bob Mellette's helicopter (2018)
Zara Zeller (granddaughter) with Grandpa Zeller
Dad Zeller and Jennie (daughter 4th of July at Abbington Rehab
"Bobby (son), Zara (granddaughter) and Dad/Grandpa Zeller (Zeena & Matt's Wedding)"
Alice Dawson (Mom's best friend) and Alice Zeller (Mom) 1964
"Grandpa & Grandma Zeller, Jason & Carolyn (granddaughter) with Zeena Zeller (granddaughter)"
Gloria Nelson and Dad
Logan Matsuoka (grandson) with Grandpa Zeller
"Mom Zeller, Ashley (granddaughter) and Jennie (daughter)"
Gloria Nelson and Dad Zeller
Dad Zeller and Susan (daughter)
Dad and Mom Zeller
"Jennie, Debbie, Missie (daughters) and Bobby (son)"
"Dad Zeller with his Dad, Howard"
"Shelby (grandson), Dad Zeller & Gloria Nelson (Dad Zeller's 90th Birthday Celebration)"
Dad Zeller and Gloria raise a toast the day before his birthday)
"Cheyenne Mtn Zoo – Grandpa Zeller, Carolyn Silvernail (granddaughter) and Daniel Mellette (grandson)"
Dad Zeller and Cody (great-grandson)